It's easier to see the beauty of our island than to describe it, so we've put lots of pictures - from past and present - here. We'll be adding more and more so keep checking back to see what's new. If you've have some pictures from your time on Samos - maybe even one or two at The Ballad - we'd love to see them. If you're happy to share them with the world, let us know and we can add to our collection here… send it to us at

  • Big thistles and big bees
  • Remains of Polycrates castle above Pithagorio
  • The entrance to Pythagoras' cave (well, one of them)
  • Ormos near Kambos
  • The sign for one of our previous restaurants!
  • Boat building in Drakei… not sure how they get them to the water…
  • Panagia Makrini built in a cave high above Kallithea
  • Goats are the most popular livestock on Samos
  • The famous Blue Chairs taverna in Vourliotes
  • Cats are always interested in returning fishing boats for some reason!
  • Samos Town and bay
  • Beautiful flowers can be seen all over the island
  • One of the many churches in Marathokambos
  • Mount Kerkis rises high above the bay of Limnionas
  • Dog tired on Psili Ammos near Pithagorio
  • Vineyards cover the plain below Mount Ambelos
  • The impressive entrance to Zoodochou Pigis
  • Typical small fishing boat, seen here in Posidonio
  • A cat clearly not happy with being snapped!
  • Not our first choice for a day out on the sea
  • How to make raisins the Samos way!
  • A wide variety of butterflies, large and small, are found everywhere
  • Inside the monastery of Zoodochou Pigis
  • Donkeys are still popular as transport… especially with the price of petrol!
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