All of our dishes are prepared here and are “home made”. Salome has been cooking up a storm for some years, both in Greece and in Australia and many of the dishes on our menu are her own original creations. We buy all of our meat, vegetables, herbs and spices fresh, never frozen, and we make sure that we know where they have come from.

Fresh and original… great food from start to finish

We are proud of our food. We think it's some of the best that you will enjoy on Samos because cooking delicious recipes is our passion.

Bringing you great food is not just about the cooking… it's about where it has come from.

We select all of our ingredients carefully and make sure that we know where everything has come from. We only choose the best cuts of meat from butchers we know and trust and who can tell us where their meat is from. We select fresh vegetables everyday from local suppliers. We even grow some of our own. Nothing on our menu is made from ingredients we haven't personally chosen or are completely happy with. We do have some ingredients that come to us frozen (mainly seafood) as this allows us to give you as wide a choice of dishes as possible. As with our fresh ingredients, we make sure that we are completely happy with them and know their origin.

Our food is always freshly prepared as well. That's why you won't always find every dish on the menu available every day. We make the dishes we have fresh ingredients for, so if we don't have your favourite one day, you'll be able to enjoy it another day. We think you'll probably find new favourites too.

We’re also very proud to be the home of the original Samos kleftiko - often imitated but never matched!

Some years ago, Katerina (Salome’s mum and cooking teacher), created and served the first ever kleftiko on Samos. It was so popular with everyone - locals and visitors - that you will see it on almost all restaurant menus now… we like to think that our original is still the best!

Taste the difference and let your tastebuds go wild

Like any restaurant, we will prepare some dishes during the day but we don't keep them for the next day. You can be assured our dishes of the day are from today, not yesterday or any other day.

Our approach to food is different. We want you to enjoy our dishes and to recommend them (and us) to your friends.

We're not interested in getting as many people as possible "through the door" to be served with mediocre, tasteless dishes using the cheapest ingredients. You won't see busloads of holidaymakers pushed into The Ballad by company reps because it's an easy way to make money and disappoint people.

We don't compromise on making the best possible dishes we can for you.

And we don't think you should compromise on enjoying your holiday by being served average food. Come and try our menu and let your tastebuds go wild.

What's on the menu?

The simple answer is a lot!

Not every dish is available every day but we always have plenty to choose from. If you're not sure what something is, Bill is very happy to explain… he is known as the Talking Menu!

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